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  • TecoLED
    High Efficient Armatures
  • Pool Lighting
    Aqua Croma
  • Street Lighting
  • Downlights
    Croma Down
  • Floor Lighting
    Croma Floor
  • Garden Lights
    Croma Gardena
  • LED-Line
  • Decorative Lightitng
    Deco Pendant
  • LED Projectors
    Wall Washer
  • Growlights
    For Greenhouses
  • Garden Lights (Decorative)
    Croma Bollard
  • Fiber Optic
  • LED Cell
  • Electroincs

With our strong partner Fiberli, we provide a wide range of products.


Why are we better?

We use the best quality of LED chips and drives.

We use single LED's instead of COB which gives longer lifetime.

In house production is around 80% so we manage the quality control of our products in every single production phase.

The origins of our product components are primarily Turkey, USA and Japan.

We give 5 to 10 years of guarantee to our products.

Tailor made production

All our products are environment friendly and recyclable.

We attach great importance to our Research and Development activities because these activities enable the development and implementation of new technologies.

The Design and Engineering department provides custom designs. These are the key feature with which we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

All our products and services have ISO 9001, ROHS and CE certificates in order to respond to the needs of international markets.

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