Growlight by Emalfa-Fiberli
november 16, 2018
november 16, 2018

Growlight by Emalfa-Fiberli

Emalfa is ready for Horticultural Led lighting solutions with new growlights.

Emalfa with their partner Fiberli launched the horticultural lighting product range with a perfect balance of scientific know-how and innovative design.


Emalfa-Fiberli presents their expertise in LED lighting and It’s innovative perspective in the field of agricultural lighting. Their scientists and engineers work closely together with customers to find the best solutions that meets the requirements of variety of growing environments. Emalfa-Fiberli Growlights are the result of the long  research and the modern greenhouse know-how in Turkey.

Advantage of LED lighting

  • Provides maximum harvest efficiency with limited investment and operation cost
  • Can be used in all kind of agricultural facilities due to its durable structure
  • With the automation system, a self-contained system can be created by sensor and control elements.
  • Higher efficiency can be achieved by adjusting the light levels that plants need at different stages such as sprouting, flowering and fruiting.
  • Since the luminaires do not overheat, they can be applied in suitable position without damaging the plants
  • Lower carbon footprint and improve quality by introducing affordable, energy efficient LED’s.


Emalfa presents their grow lightis into 4 groups;

TOP Growlighting Groot

TOP GrowLight Crop

Inter Growlight Dual

Rack GrowLight mono

Toplight: Grow Light LED luminaires designed to illuminate plants from top position. Luminaries are usually mounted or suspended under a cable tray

Interlight: Grow Light LED luminaires designed to illuminate from sideway and positioned between plants.

Racklight: Grow Light LED luminaires designed to use on rack systems that also known as vertical/city farming.


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